Monday, January 26, 2015


Good Morning All,

Well gang I am really gonna try and do this cleanse - I tried a few years ago and it was an epic fail.  This time I am doing the "elimination diet" first to ease into it they say to do)  - and I just ordered my kit and will follow it to the T for 21 days..... come along with me as I go through the up's and downs - especially my sugar withdrawal - the tremendous digestive changes that are to come from this etc.. and come out on the other side hopefully feeling fantastic.  If you haven't heard of CLEAN check out the links below and I'd love some company doing this - will be posting on my blog, FB, Twitter and Instagram.  My husband Mike (a chef) is really helping me.  Last night for dinner I had all things from the "can have" side of the list.  (posted the details on FB and Instagram see links on the side bar) and it was Fantastic & Delicious!  I made the soup and chickpea salad - he made the lamb with Asian spices and the green leafy salad.
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In just the past few days that I have begun to make subtle changes my tummy already feels better!
FYI - The Clean 21 day Kit cost $425 sounds like a lot but works out to being less than $20 bucks a day!!!!!!  So worth it for your health don't ya think......
Next watch this video for some detailed explanations - tons more videos on YouTube - some of the older videos of Dr. Junger are so great - gotta admit have a little crush on him - the accent and earlier videos had his dress shirt on - unbuttoned a wee bit (very European - LOL)  LOVE - anywho.....

Stay tuned will be posting my own video clips - food recipe's - shopping - progress etc.... I am so excited.  Mike said for me to think of "what I can have" instead of "what I can't"  good advice babe!  He does surprise me sometimes - even if he was cooking for me while eating pasta and smoking and having ice cream last night - OH WELL sometimes it's do as I say - not as I do right?  Besides this is about me and my health and the changes I've wanted to make for years!
So follow along with me for this adventure all while I will still be doing my decor posts, shopping, makeup etc....  TR restaurant re-model updates, Black Hog videos's, newsletters, interviews & posts on following sites. 

Order your clean kit here -  I get nothing from this just wanting to share with my friends & loved ones!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Love Skin Ceuticals

Good Morning Dahhhhling,
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Happy to have replenished my +SkinCeuticals - I love to try new products as you all well know - however I always use my +Clinique 3 step - and have for years (I'm a #3) and just love it.  Cleans and tones my skin beautifully without irritating it and the Clinique price is always right on time.  The other note is I am going back to +SkinCeuticals ....

No matter what I try this line is the best.  I see the results quickly - I'll admit it is not cheap but they do last a long time.  My favorites are the CE FERULIC  - its  a great antioxidant - building up collagen and providing protection against environmental aging.  Next would be PLORETIN CF - has vitamin C and Ferulic acid to help with photdamage and boost cell turnover - giving me a more uniform glowing face!  Along with that I use at the RETEXURING ACTIVATOR - its a terrific exfoliate - VISIBLY diminished lines and wrinkles from the surface and makes my skin just beam! I use it all over - even close to my eyes (this is a personal choice not a recommendation by the company - just saying my skin seems to tolerate it) if I don't have my EYE RENEWAL GEL - its a serum gel to use around the eye to exfoliate !  WHAAATTTT finally someone answers my dreams.  Helps with the creepiness and dryness like no other and than eye cream/gel works even better able to go deeper and not have that yucky dry area to push through.
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There is a spa in Brooklyn that uses SKINCEUTICALS  and does a "scrapping" or "dermaplaning" facial see video below.  I am trying to find someone around the DC area that does it - if not NYC here I come.  Twist my arm right?..... Again can't say enough about the whole +SkinCeuticals line.  Really worth the money - you will see results.  Enjoy the video!

Well gang gonna run (literally on treadmill) - Day 2 of 30 day workout challenge and beginning of the "elimination" part of the +Clean Program with hopes to get my kits this week and really do the 21days...


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

NYC Apt.'s And Places I Adore.... Ahhh NYC

Good Morning All,

I am in a New York state of mind.  I really missed not going this year for the Holidays.  Mike and I had gone two years in a row and done the windows and the shopping (yippie) and the FOOD......  New York, New York. What a magical city. It's the mecca for the entertainment and fashion elite, New York City is full of stylish celebs in all neighborhoods and boroughs. I love each and everyone of them. The chance to see how the other half live is always a love of mine, but there are a handful of celebrity apartments in NYC that have also truly inspired. 

Fashion designer Mary-Kate Olsen and fiancĂ© Olivier Sarkozy's historic five-bedroom townhouse in Midtown East is fit for royalty with a portico, a private garden (with a fountain after the Medici fountain in Rome), a hall of mirrors, a double-height grand ballroom, a rooftop exercise pool, a built-in garage, an artist's studio, and an elevator.  OMG - take a look
The next favorite of mine belongs to John Legend and Chrissy Teigen's NoLIta Apartment With cozy, moody characteristics like exposed brick, dark ceilings I am in love with this kitchen!  The singer-model couple's downtown apartment has a calming vibe. I am in love with this blue and the contrast with the cabinets its a cool & hip while still being comfortable.  Plus: check out those bar stools and pedants - One can wish can't they?
Now as far as food - where do I begin.....  Balthazar just says quintessential NYC to me with the pate, the champagne, the steak frites.....YUM  just be warned everyone loves this place and the table are so close together you may take a bite from your neighbors plate by mistake ( wink wink )

Brooklyn calls and so does Peter Lugers Steak House.  Hands down the best steak we have ever had.  The restaurant only accepts cash unless your have their card and its very low key but soooooo worth the trek over the bridge.  Brooklyn is a spot I want to know better.
Now for Deli's people will say Carnegie or Stage is the best but once you go to Katz's Deli you will know what Pastrami Heaven is and nothing else will do - promise!  I have been to many Deli's my friends - LOL

SHOPPING - the shopping is too much to even say - high end - low end - markets - Saks 5th Ave - where the hubby bought me my first and only (so far I hope) Louis Vuitton, my first Jimmy Choo's Ahhhhh and China town is not to be missed either.  We had the best reflexology ever.  The shops are so neat - no idea what they were selling by neat just the same.  

Last but not least the theatre - enough said.  Anyway, I am dreaming of NYC these days.  A quick trip soon I hope.  With everything going on at home and with the restaurant remodel design consulting and a few makeup gigs it may have to wait til Spring.  Hey I can always do my Spring shopping there right.  These were just the tip of the iceberg naturally and if I had my wish I'd say in a loft apt. for a month and really get to know the city.  
If you have a favorite spots let me know.  Always looking for new places to see and things to do.


Monday, January 19, 2015

Game Changers Of 2015 Series #1 Jan. 19th

People people listen.....
So we are off to the races it's already Jan. 19th - Whaaaatttt.  I am playing catch up here after the flu but wanted to share a few products I received samples of and some I bought that are - "TOO DIE FOR" I will be sharing more each week.  BTW the John Frieda and the pomade by Redken are my 2 Fav's - just sayin........
Game Changers of 2015 Jan. 19th

John Freida Lux Volume 7 Day In Shower Treatment, YSL Lip Oil, Redken Metalic Pomade, Chanel Hydra Serum, Shiseido Ulta SPF 50

Stay tuned for more and tomorrow some great local spas and smoothie recipes I came across.


Saturday, January 17, 2015



It sure has been a busy few weeks - along with the Holidays I came down with that horrible flu - was down for 8DAYS!  Kept thinking I was gonna get better but didn't and finally my husband took me to our local hospital FMH Immediate Care - they tested me and sure enough I had the flu and received
2 IV's worth of fluids.  This was the sickest I have ever been and was really scared!  They keep talking in the news how bad it is and I am here to tell you that It sure is.  So take precautions - wash hands more - spray down surfaces with Lysol - do what you can.  Take it seriously don't wait as long as I did to seek a Dr.'s help - I pray none of you get!!!!

On a much happier note today was the first real day I ate and did a few things and did because its me I did some surfing and found the cutest little things I wanted to share with you.  I missed all of you....

How darn cute are these little things..... I am already planning who I can give these to for Valentines.

Next - I am in love with this compact portable scanner - It so darn cool.....

And maybe because I am in a health state of mind look at this DLISH little beauty
Only 48 calories per bottle - you can drink your way to younger skin - it increases circulation in the body to nourish each cell and instill a healthy glow and stronger hair.

Anyway Kids I am still on the mend and gonna hit the hey.

Sweet Dreams - Take care of yourselves and we'll chat soon!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Ombre Decor Not Quite Over The Trend Yet....

So I am not over the Ombre trend yet and got some great inspiration on pinterest! BTW......

Ok gang - now take a look at the things I found and some I pinned.  I am also gonna try my hand at some "homemade art"  maybe a graduated color of stripes on canvas...... I love crafting, glitter, glue, paint, stamping, embossing etc. yet a lot of times my finished product looks like I'm in 3rd grade.  Uggg -  but darn it gonna do it anyway.  A great frame make lots of stuff look better right?  Below are some inspiring pics for you and my latest creation.  Cheers all!  

Now for my final creation............TA DAHHHHHHH 

Thanks for stopping by,

Saturday, December 27, 2014


Hi Everyone this should've come out prior to Christmas but I ran into computer problems so use this for the great "after Holiday" Shopping.  Great finds at great prices now too!  XOXO

It's no secret that Frederick Maryland is near and dear to me as well as my family.  It's not only the community or history - we love the involvement you see here and the great people.  Frederick also has so many lovely little boutiques/shops, restaurants that there really is no need to torture yourself at the mall.  Promise!  Here is a link of Holiday Events that should not be missed celebrate Frederick holidays 2014 . So where to begin.......

Start your day in Frederick - with +Starbucks Coffee on Market St or +The Frederick Coffee Company & Cafe on East to get you #caffeine on.  Or better yet - one of my favorites is @Juice Plate.  It is a little further up Market yet sooooo worth it.  Grab your fresh pressed juices, smoothies, muffins, omelette's etc. and the first shot of the day - #wheatgrass!
Now your ready.  Hopefully your wearing a cute pair of walking shoes/boots etc.  

Then I start on far side of Patrick St and head right into @mavenbeautybar - too cute - great makeup too like Kevin Aucoin and airbrushing and eyebrow threading!
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Next into @urbancountry for my French bubble bath....... 1 for them one for me....... LOL Cards, custom jewelry pieces, home accessories etc..
lori tauraso, shopping, frederick maryland, makeup, bubble bath, history, decor , urablankslate
Than off to +Relish Decor   (one of my all time favorite little shops - fell in love day one) - the owner +Hallie Burrier has some of the best taste LOVE...... so many items for the home could take the whole shop home.  Wait I think I have - LOL  perfect for wedding gifts as well with fab. wrapping and Hallie offers home visits as well to clients to set up the perfect kitchen, pantry bar... you name it!
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Across the street grab a +Rachel Zoe dress for New Years some @bedandstu boots and maybe a vintage gift or two - oooo plus some cute little "quote" prints to frame for yourself or a friend!
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Now head left and hit +Black Hog Bbq or go right (more stores ) & go down market street for lunch at THE TASTING ROOM for a D-Lish cocktail or one of the many fabulous wines to recharge.  Grab a gift card too - enjoy before TR gets her face lift Jan. 5th - Feb. 16th is gonna be a great new change to the atmosphere but the food will remain the same.  Best of Frederick for just about 14 years running...... just saying........

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Now continue down Market to Smokestack Studio Interiors
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I am just mentioning a few of my fav's but some many shops along the Patrick St. / Market St. paths... before I go back to my car I make sure to hit Ever Ready Sq and grab a little chocolate at The Perfect Truffle to round out the day!  Again, one for them one for me!

lori tauraso, blank slate blog, blankslate, shopping, eat local, Shop local, downtown frederick, MD, DMV, NOVA
I hope you enjoy your time in Frederick, MD if its during the holidays - a first Sat. or in the Spring or Summer so much to do!  You won't be disappointed!  Go to  or +downtwnfrederick for lots more info for your trip!  

Thanks for stopping by, 

Friday, December 19, 2014

Pasta Week

Helllllloooooo TGIF,

I've been taking on part of my "bucket list 2014".  Only a little over half the things done...ugggg Oh well only a list I can keep going.  However I am making pasta from scratch just under the wire for 2014.  It has been going really well - its a lot of work but so worth it.
 Here are some photos and the recipes I've been using and tweaking a bit.  You can see a funny video on my FB page (promise to work on the video skills in 2015- LOL)

Tonight is the big night - having friends over for +PeterLuger steaks and my homemade pasta.  I am doing fettuccine Black and White to be exact.  Using squid in for the black and than topping with 2 seared scallops - and a light white wine cream sauce.  I didn't want to do Alfredo so our Exec. chef at TR helped me decide on the sauce.  Funny how Mike was a little put off I kept kicking him out of the kitchen.   How else am I gonna learn right?  LOL  It was sweet and kindda cute!  Here are the pics.... first was all old school than I for next batch I used my +KitchenAid mixer.

Now off to the store to get the raspberries and make my sorbet and simple syrup in my new little +Cuisinart ice cream/sorbet maker that has been "chillin" in the freezer this week.  Be sure to ck out tomorrows post and instagram for dinner party photos!  Yeah!  Thanks to all for the comments and support - means so much!