Thursday, April 17, 2014

Decorating Tips Using Color

Hi All,
Now that I am IN my NEW HOME (Whoa ) and getting situated  (No matter how well I thought I planned we still have to wait for things to be delivered) I have been "taking the house in".  Seeing how & where the light comes in.  How it changes the color of the walls every few hours.  I want add some color.  Make it POP!   With intention though.  So over time I have learned and used these basics to make it all flow and work together.  Plus little bursts of color won't break the bank and can be changed up for the season and current trends!  Think Panatone color of the year.

TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS. If you want to overcome a color-commitment phobia, think about what you like: Do you have a favorite hue? Are you drawn to a certain style or era? Let your personal choices–such as your wardrobe–influence your decorating decisions. Chances are, if you’ve never liked chartreuse, you really won’t like it on your bedroom walls.

TAKE BABY STEPS. Craving color, but not ready to cover all four walls in chocolate brown? Paint just one wall in your living room the shade you’re eyeing this season.

 All hues (yep, that includes soft beiges and creamy whites) deserve a fair decorating chance. Not all transformations need to be bold and bright.

ACCESSORIZE WITH INTENTION. Sticking with white walls? Work color into the space with accessories such as bold geometric throw pillows, abstract artwork, and brightly patterned fabrics.

LOOK OUTSIDE. Flowers do have power. Enhance a tablescape with a low, tight arrangement of fresh blooms. If you don't have a green thumb, stick with hard-to-kill houseplants, such as aloe or jade.

GO WILD (BUT NOT TOO WILD). Have fun playing with prints, but be sure balance the leopard with natural hues, such as chocolate brown and wheatgrass.

BREAK THE RULES. Who says turquoise and tangerine can’t live together? If you’re inspired by a certain combination, go for it. My favorite part about decorating is that you can always redecorate next season.

Turquoise "pop"

Love the bright pink here and there...
Great way to add color 

Calming color choices, subtle but not boring

Ciao Bellezze - Happy Decorating

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Jeans - Jeans - Jeans - when did it become so hard to find the right pair....

Hi Everyone,

A little delay in my posting - hectic here - just finally moved into our new home!!!! YEAH! But during this past hectic weekend - I did manage to stop by some of my favorite downtown shops - My first stop was Relish Decor
Will be newest addition to my "dish towel" collection
This is A Must - Says It All!!!!
Happily Ever After Pillow

Than I was off to Silk & Burlap - I went in to try on this super cute Rachel Zoe dress - but to my dismay - was not "super cute" on me.  The shoulder pads were very large on my petite frame - length & neckline perfect but those darn shoulder pads were not removable so I had to pass - it was like a bad trip back to the 80's..... Boo Hoo Hoo ( thanks Jennifer for setting aside for me to try on though)
So I decided to switch gears and try on jeans - always looking for great new pair!  When you find them you know it.  They go well with a T-Shirt or Beautiful Blouse w/heels for a night out - or a just a simple Wife Beater Tank. 

But Man,  it has been really hard lately.  A lot of the new "skinny jeans" are too low rise & give me "pancake butt"  Not a fan - than others put too much bling on the back pockets - do wonders for my backside however no offense but I live on the the East Coast not in Nashville (love to all in Nashville just saying...)  

It's like Goldie Locks of Jeans shopping.  So many choices - in the past I like the fit of my Joe's Jeans had them for years.  Zara make a decent denim that doesn't break the bank - I have a "skinny" pair and a "boyfriend" pair.  Only $49 - $59 ( not too bad).  This Saturday I bought James Jeans from a very patient Jennifer (tired on lots) they have a nice little lift not too much not too little.  They are a cute everyday jean with all the right proportions - I also found a FAB pair of Boot Cut Jeans - they are my favorite by far - my size was out so I am waiting for Jenny of Silk & Burlap to get them in for me.  I find at my age etc.... that I want stylish jeans but not too over the top.  Or Something that has a little stretch but won't sag or stretch in the waist band and backside.  A pair I don't have to constantly pull up... ya know what I mean?  Hudson Jeans are on my list to try this week down at Neiman Marcus - going to inlist my friend Egle to give honest opinion!  So stay tuned. Check out the link I found below with info on many body types and the jeans that flatter the best & why.

12 different body types and which jeans flatter the most.

Also a side note:  You have to try these pants - I got the SLOUNGE in black.  Most flattering yoga pants ever!!!!!! Freddy / US looks like they have jeans too will have to check it out.  I'll take all the help I can get!


Saturday, April 5, 2014

Michael Kors | Spring Summer 2014 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive

Words can't say - how much I LOVE this collection - the white wrap dress - the tan/white summer flirty little number with the cut out open back & that dress with the white cropped fur jacket is KILLING me!  The tan leather mini with slight cropped navy sweater - really can go from runway to the street.  This is such a wearable collection -  I just have to have a few pieces -  Neiman's here I come baby.....

This is a great way to start my Saturday along with inspiring me to get my butt to the gym!  Did you see those legs on the model from the Michael Kors show wearing the Khaki Short's outfit - they went on for days...... Oh my little 5"3 frame can only dream....... I so appreciate the beautiful clothes, the beautiful models, the makeup, the music.....all of it!

Off to new house -  mattress being delivered - moving along - this has been relatively painless.  I am so happy we don't have to rush out and I can take my time and still edit what I am bringing.  A lot of things I think I will donate and/or get rid of.  I am just having hard time parting with my magazines.  Some I have had for such a long time and still serve as inspiration.  Looking through and seeing which one's I really want or just tearing out the articles and filing them in a binder.

I also am repainting the Master Bedroom - color was just toooooo purple.  Not at all what I thought so I went by our local store Patrick Street Interiors and got a couple samples of Farrow & Ball paints which I love.

Wish I could've done the whole house in this paint.  The bedroom will have to do for now.  Next week look for post about Lydia & her store Patrick St. Interiors as well as background info on Farrow & Ball.


Friday, April 4, 2014



I have a talent few know about to be able to find designer things at mere "mortals" cost.  I think it came from necessity when having much different taste than my means can sometime allow me.... (darn money$ thing) This includes but not limited to:  decor, cosmetics as well as fashion.  Below are just a few more examples.

I have been lusting over these Jimmy Choo's since I saw them in March's Lucky magazine this past Feb.  and stumbled across a much more affordable version #ZARA check it out                   However.... "NOTHING FITS LIKE A CHOO!"

Now - unfortunately back to reality.........

Next here is a cute little number I found - I normally wouldn't get a "knock off" version of this - but this one @etsy is just too cute to pass up - so why not?

This one above is mine - that I just received - below a better photo from #ETSY

This weekend is a busy one - starting to move things into house - W/D delivered yesterday - new bed today - measured for blinds ($$$$$ gonna be a fortune- sorry honey) and also bridging the partnership between Silk & BurlapVelvet Lounge Aspire Boutique and one of our restaurants The Tasting Room - Frederick, MD for a Girls Night Out Downtown Frederick - Whew - I am tired already!  Actually I'm really excited all positive things and I feel so fortunate and blessed.  (my new meditation techniques are gonna come in handy I foresee).

Above are first little pieces delivered - Mikes chair in office and my "poof" in loft - every girl needs a poof - right?!?! Gotta run Chica's.


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Laundry Room Ideas

Hello Daaaahhhlings,

So with the new house I get to start over - what perfect timing for Spring!  I am moving into a normal size laundry room right off of the master-suite & kitchen which is going to hold some overflow storage - but I don't want to "JUNK IT UP".  I want everything to have its place - I am hoping to add a few more shelves & cubbies & better lighting.  I think the center picture is my favorite - even the track lighting - check out the butcher block counter over top - how great is that?Laundry Room Ideas

black-frame / Tiffany Blue laundry Room - Contemporary - laundry room - M. Frederick / Cottage - laundry room / Laundry Room Sliding Doors - Eclectic - laundry room - Bijou and...

This room may hold some larger kitchen things not used very often, maybe a sort of "MUD ROOM" because I don't want the foyer closet to become the kick off point for every ones shoes - my old house it was a nightmare! Obviously laundry soaps etc. & ironing board/iron
laundry baskets.... so it's really important to me to get a good foundation to organize myself and the house.  I can't tell you how long I have waited to have a new house with Mike and want things "just right".  I'm not going nutty - no OCD here more like ADD - LOL but I am really trying hard.  It does not come naturally to me - so being methodical is helping.  Any pointers would be really appreciated.

On side note - for my meditation past few nights I have written a gratitude list before bed.... very simple - grateful for my hot bath, my dinner, my show Veep is starting next week, my family etc... some are very meaningful and some are just simple.  It's really been nice and FYI I have slept like a baby!


You Tube Organize Your Laundry Area

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Facing Challenges... In A Positive Way???????

Hey There,

Ok - things have been very hectic lately.... some good some bad some just.....whatever.  I don't know about any of you but this thing called life sometimes is HARD!  It's just that recently I have either been really organized and rockin' it or crying in my little hands!  Here is just a little bit of what is going on:

  • New Home - just settled (YEAH - moving in few weeks)
  • Getting over horrible case of the flu
  • Selling, packing up old home
  • Dealing with contractors
  • Online class
  • Marriage 
  • Opening - 2 other restaurants (my husband does most of that but boy it effects the whole vibe of the house at times)
  • Family
  • Exercise - or trying to stay motivated to do so - cuz I know it will help my strew level
  • Cleaning - cooking
  • Finding time for friends and family.... boy I need that at top of my list
  • Marriage - ( how can two people supposedly be on same "team" and stay sane & loving during all this)

Soooooo I am feeling really over whelmed - go figure.  I am not good at balance all of the time. I know moving is said to be a doozie on the stress meter - Ummmm Yeah!  I don't mean to be complaining or sound ungrateful - because I am VERY BLESSED. But something has to give.  So tonight I decided after long stressful day to make some type meditation a priority for me.  So I am on a journey to learn how to be still.  I have to learn to take care of my spirt first and foremost or I can't take care of anyone or anything else.

Thank you for letting me vent and I will continue my beauty tips, trends, reviews & latest fashion obsessions but with more balance(we hope).  Once a week I will share my newest way to meditate take care of myself and how and if it worked.  I'd love to hear your thoughts, suggestions and experience.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Lovin' These Links

These are some links I LOVE

BTW - check out my Pinterest Board "Front Doors" - I am actually working on a group of photos - featuring Front Doors & Secret Back Alley's of #Frederick, MD!  I just love living in a Historic Area!

Just a few things to look over and get those creative juices flowing - so many wonderful, inspiring people & so little time!!!!!! #cheers


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Best Of The Oscar Fashions!

The 2014 Oscars took place this past week at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, California. Here are a few of my favorites!

Penelope Cruz made an rare outing wearing a GIAMBTTISTA VALLI pink draped chiffon gown with a black bow sash. CHOPARD jewelry, a black clutch and a bun finished up her look. 

Kerry Washington showed a little leg in a JASON WU strapless dress. It sucks that her dress was wrinkled & wet but the 'Scandal' star looked great. I loved her dark red lips though. JENNIFER MEYER jewelry, LOUBOUTIN pumps and a wavy half up half down hair do completed her look. 

Sandra Bullock wore a navy strapless ALEXANDER MCQUEEN gown with a train detail. Great color and she looked beautiful. Side swept curls and LORRAINE SCHWARTZ jewelry finished up her look. She seems to be getting better with each passing year!

Emma Watson looked great in shimmery knit VERA WANG gown styled with ANYA HINDMARCH clutch, a CHANEL & REPOSSI ring, ANITA KO earrings and JIMMY CHOO shoes. Red lips and a chic messy up-do finished up her look.

Naomi Watts wore a white beaded CALVIN KLEIN COLLECTION dress styled with BULGARI jewelry & clutch. Red lips finished up her look. 

Julia Roberts wore a black GIVENCHY lace halter peplum gown styled with BULGARI jewelry. Light make-up and a complimentary up-do finished up her look.

Meryl Streep wore a two-tone LANVIN gown which featured an white draped three-quarter sleeve top and a black ball skirt. To keep her look interesting, she accessorized with a clear jewel belt and chain bracelets. A black clutch and a bun finished up her look.

Jennifer Lawrence took a tumble again as soon as she hit the red carpet but recovered with a laugh. She wore a vibrant red strapless DIOR peplum dress styled with NEIL LANE jewelry, a FERRAGAMO clutch and BRIAN ATWOOD shoes. 

Sally Hawkins wore a long sleeve beaded embroidered VALENTINO FALL 2013 COUTURE gown. The gown seems a bit much for her petite frame but I do like it in general. Also I wish she wore her hair in a sleeker do.

Jennifer Garner wore a beaded OSCAR DE LA RENTA tiered gown. Her gown looks gold but it is actually silver. FOREVERMARK jewelry, an Oscar de la Renta clutch and wavy locks finished up her look. 

Sarah Paulson wore an ELIE SAAB SPRING 2013 COUTURE beaded embroidered long sleeve gown styled with PIAGET jewelry, a FERRAGAMO clutch and LOUBOUTIN shoes. She looks beautiful but a colored lip is needed because she looks a bit washed out. 

Olga Kurylenko went the eco route by wearing a ALICE ELIA organic silk gown with an open back styled with an OROTON clutch and BVLGARI jewelry. Smokey eyes and a bun finished up her look.

Kate Hudson stole my heart in this ATELIER VERSACE beaded draped back gown. She was easily my favorite. NEIL LANE jewelry, side swept locks and light but flawless make-up finished up her look.

Charlize Theron stunned as well in a black CHRISTIAN DIOR COUTURE gown with white sheer straps and a sheer & tulle tiered train detail. HARRY WINSTON jewelry and LOUBOUTIN shoes finished up her look.

Who was your best/worst dressed of the night?