Sunday, February 22, 2015


Happy Oscar Night Out There In Blogger Land,

I am crazy for these three new products - so RUN  people don't walk  to your nearest +ultabeauty  +Sephora or cosmetics store.  Listed in order of favorite new obsession! Be sure to ck out links below - exciting week!
  1. BENEFIT - They're REAL push-up liner
  2. STILA - Lush Lips Water Plumping Primer - does just that - great primer for true color lipstick as well as great moisture adding element. 
  3. STILA - Color Balm Lipstick in "MEG" from their Nude Collection (two other colors in the collection - they range from light, med to dark ) - the primer makes all the difference and has this cool minty fresh subtle scent
Alright my lovelies it's Oscar time and grabbing my seat by the fireplace.  Here is my new snack - Almond Butter & Dark Chocolate w/almonds.  It's like the organic Reese's - only 2 more days of the cleanse from +Clean Program  and its getting a little tough - really craving some sugar so this works like a charm.  Normally its just the almond butter with apple slices but to celebrate tonight I'm having some extra chocolate!  
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PS:  Mad crush on Rosamund Pike from Gone Girl on the RED CARPET - can't believe she had a baby few months ago.  

Thanks for stopping by,

eyeliner video link
Also come with me this week - Grand Re-open of The Tasting Room, packing for Park City and Wed. my first Vasershape treatment +Sylvana Institute Med Spa follow to see results and get honest feed back.  4 areas of concern for me - the "booty" - tummy and front of knees.  Booty will be first - can't do all areas at once so will be spaced out.... Ohhhhh exciting!

Friday, February 20, 2015



Yes its freezing here on the East Coast but a girl still loves here heels - so if your feet aren't numb and your gonna be out dancing the night away or walking the red carpet this post is for you!  

When you’ve ever hobbled home after a long day or night in heels, follow this tip. Tape your third and fourth toes (counting from the big toe) together—we recommend Nude Medical Tape for a low-profile look, but Scotch tape works in a pinch—to alleviate pain in the ball of your foot. Sound crazy? Here’s the reasoning: there’s a nerve that splits between those two toes, which causes pain when pressure is put upon it (a.k.a. when you wear heels). The tape removes strain on the nerve, allowing you to dance the night away.
Go ahead and pick up a roll of tape (at $3, why not?), and scroll on to shop the heels you can now wear pain-free.  So kick up your heels and check out these lovelies that we are feeling "tape worthy" "Cheers Baby"!

"tape worthy" shoes

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Good Morning Daaahhhlings,

Playing with fashion street looks today - desperately trying to get my mind off the frigid cold here in DC area.

Now you all know I adore my high end designer's - they are like little pieces of Art to me.  However since I am not a "Trump" nor did not win the Mega Millions last week I like to get the same look for fraction of the cost.  Not only with fashion but decor as well.  I get so much satisfaction in the "hunt & find".  So here I share a great example and it started with my +Tory Burch espadrilles that I actually retuned and purchased my +Target MOSSIMO version $20 Bucks - next were the slim fit overalls from +H&M  $38 - as compared to $200 and lets face it - how long is the "overall trend" gonna hang on - but fun to play esp. this slim version..... enjoy the list and share with me your designer looks for next to nothing -

FYI Will be having +NARS Cosmetics lipstick giveaway for best comment!  So post, comment , follow and share with me!   


Black singlet, $12 / Rag bone overall jumpsuit, $200 / H m jumpsuit, $38 / Gianvito Rossi strappy heel sandals / Tory Burch flat espadrille / Moschino handbag / Red clutch / Enzo Angiolini Nehan / Women's Dedra Lace Slip-On

Comment & share and make sure i can get in contact with you to win NARS VELVET MATTE LIP PENCIL IN "CRUELLA" USA residents only at this time able to ship.   


Monday, February 9, 2015


Hi All,

Well I don't know about you but the winter leaves me dry - not just my hands, skin, lips but my scalp too.  Especially since I color my hair it can be more prone to dryness during the winter.  I wash my hair every 3rd day to protect color and oils but still in the winter my scalp can be dry and prone to build up.  Now you can go to a salon and get a great product but that takes "mucho"$$$ - so I came up with a great at home solution that I am gonna share with you!  Why?  Cuz I like ya and it works like a dream.

You'll Need:

  • 1 Tlb shampoo (your choice - I am rocking old school Finesse - the smell is Divine )
  • 1 Tlb vinegar ( to remove build-up; apple cider vinegar is a fave for the the hair but white vinegar works well too)
  • 1/2 Tlb Ginger/Ginseng or Baking Soda for Blonde's like me: Turmeric for darker shades Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory, stimulates circulation and provides a mild exfoliation   click on the link to see how Ginger helps with tons of aliments topically used as well as ingested.  natural news ginger health benefits
  • A few drops of essential oils - rosemary, eucalyptus, cedar wood, myrrh and lavender are all good choices.
Mix together and massage into damp hair and leave on for 3 minutes rinse and than condition as usual - leaving on a few minutes longer than normal especially on the ends.  Rinse with cool water and see and feel the difference.

Let me know how it works out - or how you handle the dry winter months.


Saturday, February 7, 2015

Gearing up for Park city

BRRRRRRR - It's been freezing in the DC area this week.  Today doesn't seam much better.  While glad the big storm missed us - sometimes a blanket of snow is nice.  We are headed to Park City, UT in a few weeks for our second annual ski trip - only 2 of the 4 kids are able to go - oh well.... ( hard when everyone gets their own life - different places - schedules - anyway - that's a different post )  We fell in love with the Silver Star Resort last year and going back - I was even able to get us the same townhouse unit!!! SCORE!  Something cool about it - nostalgia - ya know.  Plus it was just a lovely unit - gourmet kitchen all Viking appliances - fully equipped - hot tub - lift 25ft from building - close to town - perfect.  They have shuttle service but we are getting our own SUV this time - easier.

So in preparation I bought my own ski boots - thank you @ChrisBunch owner of ALPINE SKI SHOP - near Dulles airport 45 min. from Frederick -  Terrific store - great service and wonderful selection.  I am upping my cardio - doing lunges, squats and wall sits ( thank you Jennifer from +Sylvana Institute Med Spa for the tip ) increase my leg and knee strength - I don't wanna get hurt.  I will most likely take a lesson again.

Gearing up for Park city

Townsen turtle neck top / Dsquared2 black halloween costume / SOREL wellies boots / Mischa Lampert gray beanie / Inverni ribbed beanie hat, $265 / NARS Cosmetics loose face powder / Blue home decor / Wool throw pillow / White home decor / Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix - 10 oz / Beats By Dre Studio 2.0 Over-Ear Headphone

Mike already knows how to ski and the boys are snowboard experts - we UPS'd and surprised them with GoPro's for each and the helmet attachments - pretty cool right?  They went on the back side of a mountain last year and tried doing videos with their phones but this should be better - I have mine with chest harness etc.  should be some pretty funny videos.

Apparnetly I am told I do a lot of yelling, crying and self talking when I ski.....  Last year when boys took me out at night - my slope was closed - Uggggg but I did my slalom's and was heading towards the orange netting so as not to go over a cliff and I was getting tired - You see they pulled me up on a much harder slope than I had done all day.... I'm talking Utah people not like ski liberty here - I was on a MOUNTAIN TOP I wanted to just hang on the net for a minute - little did I know JOJO - my oldest was watching and and was like "TURN Woman TURN"  I went straight for the net and hung on for dear life!  He had to come get me - I got all tangled up in it - LOL  So this year should make for some even better stories!

FYI I am also on Day 4 of the +Clean Program going pretty well - still having a cup of coffee in the a.m. but other than that following it to the letter.  (drinking hot water with lemon prior to coffee to help with acidity - PH leveling)  All in all I would recommend this.  It's a bit hard when the husband is eating dinner and Im sipping a shake but than when he pulls out the ice cream too and goes outside to smoke kindda empowers me.... is that wrong?  Who knows.  Gotta get on the treadmill and do those leg exercises.

Hugs - thanks for stopping by!  Enjoy your weekend beauties!  Cheers!


Saturday, January 31, 2015

Ahhhhh The Weekend

Happy Saturday DMV,
What’s your favorite thing about a weekend? Sleeping in? Lazy afternoons? Brunches with friends? I’m in love even just the dream of breakfast in bed. It’s kinda the best thing ever, right?  It's one of the things I love about traveling and staying in a nice hotel.  Top on my list of favorites is the room service breakfast at any of the  +The Ritz-Carlton properties.  I stay in one of their wonderful robes and wait for my beautiful cart carrying my delicious Eggs Benedict, Fresh OJ, Fruit and Coffee or Tea.  I feel so pampered and elegant with the silver service and all the linens sometimes there is even a flower on my cart - hmmmm how lovely. I don't think I have ever really had a bad experience at a Ritz.  My best stay was at their Laguna Beach, Niguel CA the spa fantastic - room spectacular - the bed - the beautiful bathroom with marble everywhere - but what happened was the epitome of service.
The Stunning Bathroom - I didn't want to leave - felt so glamorous 
Spa +The Ritz-Carlton 
 I left my new iPod mini that my kids bought me for Xmas in my spa robe - called the laundry mgr and explained my children saved and bought it for me etc... they looked & looked but to no avail - OH Well - right?  Nope - a knock to my door later that day with the laundry mgr handing me a brand new iPod - I was like wow thank you - what do I owe you?  Let me get my check book - he shook his head and said "no Miss Tauraso your a lovely guest and we saw how distraught you were about losing it - this is on us"  Whaaat -too wonderful and caring for words.  I will always remember that and that 7 day stay there.  

I am trying to convince my husband for night away at the VA Ritz Carlton for dinner, movies and of course Breakfast in bed!

I mean there’s nothing more fun than breakfast in bathrobes, still bundled under covers, while taking a break from all the deadlines before you, no?  While that might not be in the cards this weekend, here are a few other fantastical things to enjoy at a nice leisurely pace.

I hope you’re running off to do something that makes you blissfully joyful this weekend luvies.


Fall Nail Trends & Great Colors From OPI & Essie

Good Morning,
With the crushing winds and blankets of snow on the ground up and down the east coast this weekend my transition to a winter wardrobe is clearly official. Weather I wanted it or not.  Swapping out light, cute fall jackets and sexy ankle boots for sweaters, long johns, @northface and +Patagonia , skull caps, gloves and knee high boots is an obvious move, but don’t forget to change the color scheme of your nails! Neon and pastel nails just won’t complement your burgundy cable-knit sweater or navy corduroy pants. Especially for your cozy Apres Ski afternoons.  This year’s lineup of both Essie and O.P.I.’s fall collections are sure to please. Darken those nails and show them off while holding a cup of warm hot cocoa! Click on these links for OPI these are always a good choice - OPI color classics as well as these from Essie And Their Nail Color Chart
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oxblood nail color just plain "rocks" +OPI Products +essie nails 

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Adore these +OPI Products colors
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Easy color transitions for Winter

OK kittens, hitting the treadmill, showers than off to +Candle Day Spa for mani and pedi - so way over due - these dogs are a barking' LOL


Friday, January 30, 2015


Hey There To All My Peeps,

This is a day or so late - got side tracked with one of our restaurants The Tasting Room Est. 2001 remodel.  See new bar below and the fantastic Cruvinet Wine machine - Whoooooo yeah!  Anyway

..... but as promised from my FB post here is the 411 on my +Clean Program meal for the elimination portion of this cleanse.  I love, love, love salmon - so happy its on the "can have" side of the list.  I love it poached or blackened.  Now blacking doesn't mean the traditional tons of salt and salty spices - its the process of cooking.  So I mix paprika, cayenne pepper, black pepper, curry powder, turmeric, garlic powder, and mix together ( make a good amount to keep on hand - just don't dip you raw food in it - sprinkle on as to not cross contaminate) I cover both sides of the fish and place in a super hot cast iron skillet with olive oil and butter ( no butter now with clean program ).  Cook until done - depending on size and thickness this will change - but you want that "char on both sides"  it will smoke up the kitchen so turn on your vents baby!!!!  BTW - I love cast iron - took a while to get it really "seasoned" but so worth it.  If you've never used it - try it - game changer.  Just don't put in dishwasher and after cleaning coat with oil and store away.  I love LODGE CAST IRON EST. 1896 camping supply stores carry this brand as well as +Walmart the prices is really reasonable and so many vessels to choose from - LOVE
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urablankslate, lori tauraso, blank slate, frederick maryland, frederick, salmon, dinner, healthy food, exercise, clean program
Next my delicious (if I do say so myself) Asian Slaw.  You'll need:
Cabbage 1/2 a head sliced very thin
Cucumber washed unpeeled and sliced length wise in about 1inch strips
scallions - washed ( can be sandy) and chopped using green and white parts
Rice wine vinegar ( find in Asian section of market )
Sesame Oil (ditto)
A little AJI - Mirin - sweet cooking rice seasoning (ditto)
If you like spicy add some heat - if not omit - me I love the spicy along with the crunch and cool of the cabbage
SAMBAL - fresh chili paste and/or PEPPER SA-TE SAUCE (like the chili&oil mix from Asian restaurants - HOT STUFF)
Sesame seeds toasted or not
Sliced almonds - no salt and UN-roasted - I will slice or chop my own - $$$money saver big time!
Toss all together S&P if you want I omit salt right now taste add more vinegar sesame oil etc to taste let set up in the fridge and enjoy - I top on my salmon, turkey burgers, eat by itself anything - LOVE
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Hope you enjoy - I know I did was sooooo yummy.  Try it and let me know how you like it!
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Monday, January 26, 2015


Good Morning All,

Well gang I am really gonna try and do this cleanse - I tried a few years ago and it was an epic fail.  This time I am doing the "elimination diet" first to ease into it they say to do)  - and I just ordered my kit and will follow it to the T for 21 days..... come along with me as I go through the up's and downs - especially my sugar withdrawal - the tremendous digestive changes that are to come from this etc.. and come out on the other side hopefully feeling fantastic.  If you haven't heard of CLEAN check out the links below and I'd love some company doing this - will be posting on my blog, FB, Twitter and Instagram.  My husband Mike (a chef) is really helping me.  Last night for dinner I had all things from the "can have" side of the list.  (posted the details on FB and Instagram see links on the side bar) and it was Fantastic & Delicious!  I made the soup and chickpea salad - he made the lamb with Asian spices and the green leafy salad.
clean, dinner, lori tauraso, urablankslate, blank slate, frederick maryland, lori ann tauraso, frederick maryland, downtown frederick, soup, salad, healthy eating, health, digestive issues
In just the past few days that I have begun to make subtle changes my tummy already feels better!
FYI - The Clean 21 day Kit cost $425 sounds like a lot but works out to being less than $20 bucks a day!!!!!!  So worth it for your health don't ya think......
Next watch this video for some detailed explanations - tons more videos on YouTube - some of the older videos of Dr. Junger are so great - gotta admit have a little crush on him - the accent and earlier videos had his dress shirt on - unbuttoned a wee bit (very European - LOL)  LOVE - anywho.....

Stay tuned will be posting my own video clips - food recipe's - shopping - progress etc.... I am so excited.  Mike said for me to think of "what I can have" instead of "what I can't"  good advice babe!  He does surprise me sometimes - even if he was cooking for me while eating pasta and smoking and having ice cream last night - OH WELL sometimes it's do as I say - not as I do right?  Besides this is about me and my health and the changes I've wanted to make for years!
So follow along with me for this adventure all while I will still be doing my decor posts, shopping, makeup etc....  TR restaurant re-model updates, Black Hog videos's, newsletters, interviews & posts on following sites. 

Order your clean kit here -  I get nothing from this just wanting to share with my friends & loved ones!